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Deliver significant efficiency, productivity and customer service gains with our leading Enterprise Mobile solution

Our enterprise mobile platform provides us with the tools to make data and processes mobile. Our years of experience within Social Housing enables you to get the right information and the most efficient processes out to your mobile workforce.

We seamlessly integrate with your back office systems and map your processes so that your workforce can be free of paperwork, transforming the way they work and the service delivery to your customers.

By listening to you and focusing on your business outcomes, we continue to help your mobile workforces get more done with less administration, cost or operational hold ups.

The product

As social housing specialists, we understand that your organisation has to meet ever increasing performance and service targets from ever diminishing resources.

1st Touch has developed a range of modules for mobile workforce automation specialising in areas of functionality required within the Social Housing environment, following a best practice approach to workflows, security, user access and management oversight. We focus on your core business functions Estates, Property, Tenancy, Supporting People.

For users who have tasks scheduled for them, we integrated with all main planning solutions. Tasks are pushed onto the user's tablet or smartphone app along with all the supporting information they need.

Users whose days are more unpredictable, have unprecedented access to the information they need in from the back office system. Any information is available when they need it eliminating the need to carry paperwork. Tasks are started when they're needed and updated in the field, and information is downloaded and held on the smart device so they always have what they need even in areas with no mobile data signal.

Tasks are not a simple replacement for paper forms, this is a direct link to the data in your back office systems. By completing the task, workflows and other actions are automatically kicked off, from producing documents to ordering materials and creating follow up tasks. The process dynamically shifts and changes based on the users actions, only asking for the information that needs to be completed. 1st Touch uses the smart devices themselves to enhance the process by capturing time and GPS information, using the camera to capture images and bar codes and using the touch screen to collect signatures.

1st Touch Mobile Tabs

Property services

Property services

Responsive Repairs

Daily jobs are sent directly to the smart device, guiding the user through a simple, intuitive process. Capturing work specific data, including schedules, materials and photographs with minimal input, whilst effortlessly capturing standardised data such as time and location. Working hard in the background, 1st Touch is seamlessly updating your back office systems such as your scheduling solutions and housing management systems.


Empty properties cost you money.1st Touch lets you manage your voids swiftly while making sure all of the required standards have been met. Your inspectors capture all of the work that needs to be done, room by room, directly on their smart device. This is converted into scheduled jobs for the repairs teams and all work is followed up with a final inspection. All the while, your scheduling systems, contractor management and housing management solutions are continually updated so that you have complete visibility of the process. 

Gas Servicing

Ensuring that gas safety checks and repairs are properly carried out are vital for the safety of your customers and your own compliance. The jobs are sent to your engineers, they input the results of all of their checks directly on the smart device and the certificates are created automatically, cutting out all unnecessary paperwork.


Ensuring that checks to electrical installations and repairs are properly carried out are vital for the safety of you customers and your own compliance. The jobs are sent to your engineers, they input the results of all of their checks directly on the smart device and the certificates are created automatically, cutting out all unnecessary paperwork. At this point your qualified electrical supervisors can review the certification and sign of directly from the solution.

Stock Condition Surveys

1st Touch allows you to drastically simplify your process for capturing Stock Condition Survey information. Where asset information exists the mobile user can see and update it, where there are gaps they are prompted to capture what’s missing. This is coupled with the ability to raise jobs for any work needed. All the while 1st Touch updates your asset management and back office systems. 

Energy Performance Certificates

All of the information that your inspector needs to gather to produce an Energy Performance Certificate is input in a single simple 1st Touch task. Behind the scenes 1st Touch will seamlessly integrate with your EPC calculation tool to generate the SAP ratings and EPC certificates.

Health and Safety Audits

The health and safety of your workforce and customers is paramount. 1st Touch  provides you with a range of processes to help protect them; from initial Health and Safety checks as part of standard jobs, to full health and safety audits carried out by mobile inspectors, producing certificates and updating your back office systems.

Outsourced Stores

By providing you with a direct link to your materials supplier, 1st Touch allows your mobile workforce to order specialist materials for a job, and track what van stock has been used to order automatic replenishments.

Van Stock

The amount of stock kept in your vehicles is a massive cost overhead to your organisation. Using 1st Touch to capture what stock has been used, gives you the knowledge that you need to maintain the stock at an appropriate level without waste. 

Van Checks

The first of the day for many mobile workers is to complete a safety check of their vehicle, with 1st Touch you can ensure this has been carried out before any more jobs are given to the mobile worker. Any areas of concern noted can trigger events and advise the driver.


Ensuring that a job has the correct schedule of rates attached to it is critical for your budgeting. 1st Touch gives you the flexibility to attach your SOR’s to jobs when they are assigned, and also to empower your mobile workforce to add new ones when needed.

The 1st Touch solution ticked all the boxes in respect of our pre-defined criteria. In particular, we liked their approach to implementation and flexibility in delivering 
the solution

Claire Sockett
Systems Development Manager

1st Touch helped us to design and build a first rate system that will  not only transform what we do but add a whole new positive dimension to the customer experience we deliver.

Carole Galsworthy
Director of ICT

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