1st Touch 360°

We understand that mobile working is changing.

Your workforce is no longer expected to complete just a simple linear task. The duty of care to customers and the need for greater efficiency means that your people need access to information and process from across more of your business areas. As well as supporting these users, more and more people in social housing are becoming more and more mobile. Whether they are going into the field, or working between work areas, these users need to have a single-view of all the key metrics and customer data access points. Supporting these new ways of mobile working is our philosophy behind 1st Touch 360°.


The product

1st Touch 360° takes inspiration from the shared experience of social media apps to provide your users with a 360° view of their customer, allowing them to use the information at hand to decide on the best course of action.

  • View locations of users and properties on maps
  • Access lists of tasks
  • Contact other users, using messaging, call and video calls.
  • Prompt users to action based on the information available
  • Drill down from graphical dashboard reports to individual clients
  • Allow supervisors to manage their team’s tasks
  • Monitor KPI’s in real time
  • Take advantage of social media as another point of contact

Because key information is readily available to any user when they meet with a customer, 1st Touch 360° can significantly reduce the number of visits required freeing up considerable resources, which can be redirected to areas of greater need. Customer experience is greatly enhanced as outstanding issues are now resolved far more quickly than before.

1st Touch 360° is built on 1st Touch’s key strengths of providing a stable platform for mobile working, supporting both on and offline working and multiple operating platform, with a dynamic user experience that fits with the device in your hand

The 1st Touch solution ticked all the boxes in respect of our pre-defined criteria. In particular, we liked their approach to implementation and flexibility in delivering 
the solution

Claire Sockett
Systems Development Manager

1st Touch helped us to design and build a first rate system that will  not only transform what we do but add a whole new positive dimension to the customer experience we deliver.

Carole Galsworthy
Director of ICT

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