What makes our technology different?

1st Touch has been at the forefront of innovative, robust and scalable mobile solutions for ten years, delivering a market leading solution to Housing Associations.

Many of our customers have moved from alternative mobile solutions to 1st Touch because we have solved the unique challenges of using mobile solutions:

  • Working without a signal
  • Speed and performance
  • Mobility across all mobile operating systems
  • Mobility across all smart devices
  • Seamless Integration with back office systems
  • Replicating business processes
  • Configuration vs Coding
  • Ease of Use and Navigation

User friendly and navigable

The front end of any solution is considered the most critical point for any software solution. Having a mobile solution that’s user friendly and navigable is essential. Secondly, we are all aware that connectivity poses the biggest challenges for the user and Social Housing provider in the long term.

We have designed a system architecture that has proven itself in the worst connectivity areas, where hundreds of users are completing thousands of transactions every day, month and year.

With 1st Touch, the form and functionality is intuitive and easy to use, and the real drivers are “under the bonnet”. As mobile use evolves through all business areas within Social Housing, scalability, integration, speed and performance are and will remain fundamental to the decision making process.

What is our technology made up of?

1st Touch provides the most comprehensive mobile solution available, enabling users to complete tasks whilst collaborating between colleagues, residents and suppliers.

Our solutions are based on the principle that you can either choose to use 1st Touch consultants to implement our solutions, use your own internal resources or a combination. 1st Touch is about providing choice so that the best solution is implemented for your unique business requirements, your processes, your customers and your suppliers.

How our technology works

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Integration workflow

Forms designer

The mobile platform

Business workflow tool

Document generator

Web Portal

Managing the mobile solution

Data Warehouse


The user experience

Integration workflow

Intuitive integration management between 1st Touch and your back office systems ensuring the flow of data is at the fastest speeds, secure and in the background so as not to impede performance.

Forms designer

Engage us or your staff to design and configure any forms quickly and easily whilst also considering the look and feel and form navigation.

Business workflow tool

Workflows can be designed in the mobile solution to automate processes, reducing or eliminating manual intervention, whilst also reducing the time to complete tasks “in the field".

Document generator

this enables task completion and any documents that are needed within that process to be automatically generated in real time and delivered back to the user (e.g., Direct Debit Forms, Gas/Electrical Certificates, correspondence etc).

Web Portal

Providing your office staff an integrated and actionable view of completed field worker forms and tasks. Your suppliers and contractors engage with the same portal to receive and view their actions, for example stores providers with material orders as used by the field repairs operatives.

Data Warehouse

Storing all of your data safely and securely with your designated 1st Touch data warehouse. With significant data capture that can’t always be recognised in your back office systems, our storage system recognises the importance of this, and stores it securely for reporting at your fingertips.


Capturing and reporting your data requirements, whether pre-built or custom couldn’t be simpler. Our reporting function, whether using SQL Reporting Services, or pulling data from 1st Touch to the Reporting Tools used within your organisation gives you all the decision making tools you need to actively report, review and adjust as and when your business requires.

The user experience

A 360 degree view

1st Touch 360° optimises our existing strengths with data integration and workflow providing a simple, clean interface that is tailored to the users’ requirements. The flexible workspace, populated with user defined widgets shows functions from multiple sources accessed in a single view. It is the 360° view that enables all staff, residents and suppliers to collaborate and connect with each other.

To Self Serve

1st Touch provides apps and a web portal to support your customers. With 24/7 accessibility to report, request and record all aspects of their tenancy, community and property, customer requests and reports can trigger workflows straight into your back office system and out to the mobile workforce or your management teams.

Devices & Type neutral

1st Touch believes that you should choose the most appropriate device for the specific business areas it is being used in. Any form, workflow, and application is implemented once and published. Whatever device you use, 1st Touch will automatically render this.

Realising Best Practice

Our breadth of knowledge and experience means we only deliver best practice modules to you that contain all the forms, workflows, fields and navigation for all your task based activities completed in the field.

Customised Look

All of our solutions are built to provide an interface that can be configured without coding, providing you with the best look and feel specific to your needs.

One platform for all

1st Touch believes you should have the choice to decide which platform is the most appropriate one to use for you. We support iOS, Android and Windows. This means that any mobile process, workflow, form or application provided by 1st Touch can be designed and configured in our mobile platform and published. Whatever platform you choose, 1st Touch will automatically render this.

1st Touch helped us to design and build a first rate system that will  not only transform what we do but add a whole new positive dimension to the customer experience we deliver.

Carole Galsworthy
Director of ICT

The 1st Touch solution ticked all the boxes in respect of our pre-defined criteria. In particular, we liked their approach to implementation and flexibility in delivering 
the solution

Claire Sockett
Systems Development Manager

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