How Digital Technologies Are Sweeping Away Process Friction and Operational Silos

At Housing Technology 2017, 1st Touch CEO Greg Johns will reveal how modern best-practice workflows and digital integration can transform existing social housing systems. By removing organisational silos and replacing outmoded working practice friction, Housing Associations can drive down costs whilst boosting both Value For Money and Customer Care.

Amongst the process changes he reviews are:


  • Tenants booking confirmed repair appointments in real-time
  • The multi-functional field worker’s 360 ability to get it ‘right first time’
  • Smart arrears contact management
  • Using Data Science to predict and prevent problems

The presentation will advocate that tenants, who use online self-service systems, should be able to have their repair appointments confirmed in real time. Subsequently, in advance of their appointment they should be sent full details of who is attending including the operative’s name, vehicle make, and photograph. This significantly reduces the number of failed visits. Working though online self-service portals and apps 1st Touch iAppoint can deliver just this – significantly reducing the cost of handling customer queries whilst providing a more responsive customer-centric approach.

Another key area covered by the presentation is ‘frictionless data integration, through 1st Touch 360°. As the roles of more and more tenant facing staff become mobilised, operatives require the right information to equip them for customer visits. By introducing a 360° data integration strategy, all the current and historic information relating to the property, the tenancy, the tenant and the estate is available, in an integrated format, on an operative’s tablet or device. In the presentation, Greg Johns will compare and contrast the typical costs of a physical tenant visit £16 and a call centre enquiry £7 with the cost of an online booking which is typically less than £1.

By analysing, integrating and delivering all the relevant data to the visiting operative’s device in a refined format, all outstanding issues can be resolved in a single multi-functional visit. Thus, Housing-officers can collect rent whilst booking repairs or gas inspections. Similarly, gas-engineers can report estate-issues. By solving multiple cross-function issues in a single visit, customer outcomes are delivered faster and as they are right first time, it eliminates the need for costly 2nd 3rd or 4th visits. This means that Housing Associations can do more with less, so they can potentially reduce recruitment for these functions and thereby, reduce other fixed-costs such as office-rents. The presentation will also highlight how data science and predictive an analytics can support Smart Arrears Contact Management, reducing risk and supporting customers wherever possible.

Commenting on his presentation, Greg Johns commented, “We are using the very latest technology to significantly drive down costs whilst boosting Value For Money and Customer Care. Housing Technology 2017 gives an excellent platform to inform and educate the market on what is now possible now and also the potential impact of new technology. I look forward to meeting as many people from housing associations as possible and discussing how this ground-breaking technology can transform their business.

1st Touch helped us to design and build a first rate system that will  not only transform what we do but add a whole new positive dimension to the customer experience we deliver.

Carole Galsworthy
Director of ICT

The 1st Touch solution ticked all the boxes in respect of our pre-defined criteria. In particular, we liked their approach to implementation and flexibility in delivering 
the solution

Claire Sockett
Systems Development Manager

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