Following the Data Adventurers

Greg Johns CEO | 11th May 2017

At 1st Touch we have always been committed to integrating the latest technology trends for the benefits of our customers. These include technologies such as IoT, Digital By Default, Frictionless...


From test bed to crucial application – what is the next big thing?

Greg Johns CEO | 15th December 2016

I have always been impressed by the way that new IT developments evolve from some high technology test-bed into crucial business applications. By offering to deliver hitherto unattainable business...

Technology the Agent for Change

Greg Johns CEO | 24th October 2016

“The successful annual 1st Touch Conference, “Technology the Agent for Change” took place on Sept 28th 2016 in central Birmingham.

Click on the links below to view video footage...


How Evolving IT Is Still Driving Value For Money

Greg Johns CEO | 26th April 2016

One cannot underestimate the impact that new technologies have been able to make in driving greater Value For Money (VFM) for social landlords. Given the current economic and political climate, this...

How AppleTV will benefit social housing

Mike Zriel | 25th February 2016

According to Apple, the future of TV is apps and this is hard to deny. It is thought that since apps’ first breakthrough on the market, we spend more time on apps than watching our TV. Latest...



The 1st Touch solution ticked all the boxes in respect of our pre-defined criteria. In particular, we liked their approach to implementation and flexibility in delivering 
the solution

Claire Sockett
Systems Development Manager

1st Touch helped us to design and build a first rate system that will  not only transform what we do but add a whole new positive dimension to the customer experience we deliver.

Carole Galsworthy
Director of ICT

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