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1st Touch Voids Solution

Managing the Voids process is critical for social housing landlords so that compliance to regulatory requirements and industry standards is achieved as well as KPIs being met and exceeded. An empty (Void) property costs money and reduces the resources available to the community.

1st Touch supports the process for Voids management by using best practice workflow routines. Through easy to use forms, the operative captures the information on the mobile device using tick boxes, checks and selections from dropdown lists. This minimises the requirement for any typing and ensures consistent quality of the data captured.

1st Touch manages the four basic elements of the Voids process which are: Pre-start inspections, Voids pre-inspections, Voids work or job tickets and Voids Post Inspections.

Pre Start Inspections

The pre-start inspection process ensures that the property is safe after being vacated. 1st Touch enables the inspector to capture key data on the PDA by selecting from a series of yes/no questions relating to: the property; electrical; clearance of rubbish; water; gas; flues etc. Once this information has been captured and the pre-start inspection completed this triggers the next phase which is the Voids pre-inspection.


This inspection produces a detailed schedule of works to be carried out in order for the property to meet the landlord’s lettable standard. 1st Touch supports this process by providing a set of forms on the PDA that enable data capture of the property inspection and to record any work that is required and materials needed. Other information, such as gas and electric meter readings is recorded .

The inspector will work from a main menu of rooms and can tour the property recording data from room to room, such as SORs and materials needed. Completed room inspections will be flagged as such and the inspector can then move onto the next room recording relevant data, until all are completed.

Voids Work or Job Tickets

The data collected from the pre-inspections will be used to schedule jobs for the operatives, creating Void work or job tickets. This process is also managed through data entry within a simple form and the system guides the operative through the day, job by job, with the operative usually receiving jobs for the whole day as the work is pre-planned. Operatives may even have contiguous jobs at the same property, which can all be managed with 1st Touch.

Utilising best practice, the system automatically records the times that operatives arrive on site and the times that jobs are started and completed, producing timesheets automatically if required. As each job is completed the operative will complete the SORs and stock used information on the device and then be prompted to accept the next job.

Voids Post Inspection

Once the Void work is completed an inspector will be scheduled to carry out a post Void inspection, which is managed and recorded in 1st Touch. The 1st Touch form contains a summary of the Voids work identified on the Voids Pre-Inspection and includes additional areas to record work required for Final Fix. The SOR picker will be pre-populated with SORs such as Final Electrical Test; Commission Gas; Hedges require trimming, etc.

The inspector will have the facility to record extra work that needs completing and have the option of signing off the property ready for occupation. All this data is stored in the 1st Touch system for management reporting, analysis and review.


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