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Supporting People

1st Touch Mobile manages the process for Supporting People by using best practice workflow routines. Through easy to use forms, the support worker captures the information on the mobile device using tick boxes, checks and selections from dropdown lists. This minimises the requirement for any typing and ensures consistent quality of the data captured. The facility to take notes is also incorporated into the system.

The data collected can be stored in the 1st Touch Data Warehouse, for onward review and reporting through the 1st Touch Web Document Portal or can be sent directly to back office systems, through the use of 1st Touch best practice integration capability. This integration also enables data from the backoffice to automatically populate the forms on the mobile device, ensuring accuracy and minimum duplication of data. All data is fully encrypted when sent to or from the device, ensuring security and confidentiality.

Importantly, because the 1st Touch Supporting People solution is part of a wide range of applications, the organisation can adopt 1st Touch for a variety of functions and have only one solution to support from an IT perspective, saving on future resource and administration costs.

The 1st Touch Supporting People solution can guide the support worker through their working day by session, from the start of the day right through to the completion of the last activity of the day. As each session is started, work executed, notes added and activities listed the support worker is taken step by step through the whole process to completion.

Throughout the day, once a session is completed the next scheduled session for that support worker can be made available on their device automatically (or selected ad hoc by the support worker) so the their time is managed efficiently and (if part of the overall solution), the back office team always knows how the support worker is progressing through sessions planned for the day. Other features include:

  • Utilising time management best practice, the system automatically records the times that support workers arrive on site and the times that sessions are started and completed, producing timesheets automatically if required.
  • Telephone integration for contacting the tenant with arrival information and optionally for use as a panic button for lone worker safety.
  • Health and Safety factors can be built into the system to minimise risk to the support worker by enforcing checks and acknowledgements to take place prior to starting or during a session

Flexible device options:

As support workers will need to add notes, potentially review documents and access further applications via the web, 1st Touch can be used on a laptop or tablet., rather than the traditional PDA used for most mobile applications. To save the expense of running one of these devices, however, we recommend the use of the combination of a PDA and a dumb device such as a Redfly for each support worker. The Redfly connects to the PDA through either Bluetooth or a cable, providing a large qwerty keyboard for inputting notes and larger screen for viewing records and online web services.


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