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1st Touch Responsive Repairs Solution

1st Touch automates the process for Responsive Repairs using best practice workflow routines, delivering cost savings, increased productivity and supporting the achievement of Key Performance Indicators. The intuitive solution guides the operative through their working day, job by job, from the start of the day right through to the completion of the last job of the day. Work flow for the operative is fully configurable by the customer to enable the mobilisation of existing working practices with minimal disruption.

As each job is started, work executed, materials used and job completed the operative is taken step by step through the whole process. Through easy to use forms, the operative captures the information on the mobile device using tick boxes, check boxes and selections from dropdown lists. This minimises the requirement for any typing and ensures consistent quality of the data captured.

Throughout the day, once a job is completed the next scheduled job for that operative is made available on their device automatically so the operative’s time is managed efficiently and the back office always knows how the operative is progressing through jobs planned for the day.

Job Scheduling

The operative can be scheduled to do their work either a job a time or up to a day or a week’s work. This is usually for planned works. Operatives carrying out Responsive Repairs will get the greatest performance gain from using mobile working when they are scheduled on job a time; this is known as dynamic scheduling. Through 1st Touch the operative will receive their jobs in the most appropriate manner.

Jobs may be scheduled work in several ways:

  • The 1st Touch diary enables any jobs defined to 1st Touch to be scheduled to the mobile worker.
  • Jobs can be pushed to the operative from job management systems.
  • The Operative can receive their work from a dynamic scheduling engine and this works extremely well for Responsive Repairs where the operative is set up to work one job a time.

Start of Day

All 1st Touch applications start with the mobile worker being presented with a secure log on screen prompting them to enter their User ID and password. Access to the system will be denied without a valid combination being entered and the operative can be enabled/forced to periodically change their password.

The operative will log on via the PDA in the morning and be prompted to do a vehicle check, the results of which are available immediately on the 1st Touch Portal.

The operative then requests their first job of the day and this is the only time during the day that the operative requests a job, as the next job is automatically returned to the operative on the conclusion of each job. Throughout the day, once a job is completed the next scheduled job for that operative is made available on the PDA automatically, so the operative’s time is managed efficiently and the back office always knows how the operative is progressing through jobs planned for the day.

Job Management

Job summary details are displayed, giving details of the tenants name, address and telephone number, the job ticket details and any Property Cautions. The operative has several tools available to help with the job details:

  • Call the tenant to give them an estimated time of arrival using the telephone button
  • Get help text to get descriptions for the Property Cautions
  • Get directions to the property by using the directions button

When the operative arrives on site they tick a box on the PDA and the date and time are automatically captured. They will then be asked whether they can start work. If the answer is no, for example they can’t gain access, they will select the reason from a drop down list, at this point they can take a photograph to prove that they were on site. If the answer is yes, the system will automatically capture the job start date and transmit this back to 1st Touch.

Risk Assessment

The operative can be forced to carry out a company specific risk assessment prior to starting work. This confirms that they have noted any risk and it is safe to work. If it is not safe to work the 1st Touch workflow allows for a call to the supervisor and if necessary the abandonment of the job. 1st Touch always configures this part of the form to be company specific.

The operative will be walked through a Risk Assessment via a series of questions relating to such things as working at heights, ladders required and hazardous substances present. If the operative can’t do the job because of an unacceptable risk the job is abandoned with a failed risk assessment as the reason. Assuming the Risk Assessment is passed, the operative will complete the job.

Job Completion

Upon completion the operative will be asked if the job is complete and whether a follow on job is required, if it is they will be prompted from a drop down list to select the reason. The Tenant will then be asked to sign the PDA to denote that the work has been completed. If they do not sign, the reason can be selected from a drop down list.

At this point the operative can leave the premises and return to their van to complete the SOR’s and materials used on the job and record any additional comments and sign the PDA. 

A Stock Picker is provided as a configurable part of 1st Touch, which has been optimised to allow the operative to pick the stock they have used on the job from a materials list. This process enables the operative to simply pick stock using the most straight forward route and fewest number of key strokes.

The completion date and time are then returned to 1st Touch along with a full job ticket report including any photographs taken and signatures captured. The labour details can either optionally be entered onto the form or can be determined automatically from the captured dates and times on the PDA.

The operative will be automatically sent their next job, unless it is the end of day and they have run out of time, in which case they will be informed that they have no more jobs.

Schedule of Rates

The Schedule of Rates (SoR) picker is another part of 1st Touch which has been optimised to enable the simplest use on a PDA by the operative.

The SoR picker enables SoRs to be sent out on a job and each SoR can be used, deleted or the quantity subtracted or added to. Additionally new SoRs can be added. The use of SoRs is validated according to the contract being worked on to ensure that variation limits are not exceeded.

Van Stock Management

A stock picker, based on individual customer materials lists, allows the operative to record actual materials used on each job. The system can automatically reorder materials from the designated supplier, ensuring that van stock is maintained on an imprest basis. One off items can also be ordered by the operative and all materials used are recorded against particular jobs. These orders can be viewed via the 1st Touch portal and reports produced as required.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety factors can be built into the system to minimise risk to the operatives by enforcing checks and acknowledgements to take place prior to starting or during a job. On each job Risk indicators will be shown to the operative to warn of any dangers in the property, typically these appear on the PDA in code form so that, for example, a dangerous tenant does not know that they are categorised as such. Configurable help text is available and if the operative requires help to categorise the risk they can press help to get the full description.

1st Touch can be configured to ensure that for a dangerous job two operatives have to attend site.

Lone Worker Safety

1st Touch is integrated to the telephone on the PDA and this is activated by pressing a button on the 1st Touch mobile form. This functionality is used to enable the operative to call a number to call quickly in an emergency. This is generally known as a panic button and directs a call to the supervisor or the call centre, alerting them that the operative needs immediate assistance.

Satellite Navigation

There is an optional link to Sat Nav to enable the operative to press a button on the form where a tenant address is shown to take them to their next appointment. 1st Touch is integrated with the industry leaders TomTom and Co-Pilot.

End of Day

1st Touch also has the concept of an end of day routine which may optionally be linked to the Log Out button; this is useful for capturing information such as the end of day van mileage.


The system automatically records the times that operatives arrive on site and the times that jobs are started and completed, producing timesheets automatically if required. The PDA is automatically synchronised with the 1st Touch server to ensure that all dates and times captured as part of the job process are correct. The typical dates and times that are captured are:

  • Arrived on site
  • Job started
  • Job completed

Other dates/times can be captured as required, for example; en-route to job.


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