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1st Touch Resident Profiling

Social Housing sector organisations now seek to better understand the diversity and needs of their residents in order to tailor their services to meet particular needs demanded by those residents.

The 1st Touch Resident Profiling module enables the collection of resident profiling information by Housing Officers or other field based workers, either as part of a specific initiative or whilst they go about their routine tenant visit activities.

Data collected includes personal and family related information, such as occupancy and ethnicity, as well as financial information pertaining to benefits, allowances, tax credits and pensions.  In addition, specific requirements can be captured such as those relating to disabilities or illness and the level of the existing care and support infrastructure, along with an analysis of any special communication needs or other important information such as religious beliefs.  With resident approval, relevant information can be shared with service contractors through the 1st Touch Web Document Portal in order for them to tailor their services accordingly.

Profiling information can then be used to produce detailed reports using the 1st Touch Data Warehouse and standard reporting tools to support targeted follow on activities, such as focus groups, in order to improve existing or add new customer-led services.


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