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1st Touch Rents and Arrears module

The 1st Touch Rents and Arrears module enables Housing officers to be fully informed of any outstanding arrears actions prior to visiting a tenant, whether on a planned rents visit or if already onsite regarding another matter. It fully equips the officer to deal with arrears issues relating to either current or former tenants, enabling any other items of arrears such as garage account or rechargeable repairs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The module allows the officer to request an up to date status of rent account from the back office, to view the history of payments made against any existing agreement and to specify the number of records or date range required.  If the back office system is using SMS texting to inform tenants of their arrears, the history of any such communication can also be requested along with history of previous visits.

The requested information is downloaded to the device enabling accurate and timely information to be available.

Details of the visit and any actions arising can be captured and fed to the back office system, facilitating any follow up contact and enabling confirmation letters to be generated.  The process and the forms can be configured to match the exact needs of existing rent arrears and Income collection policy.

All data gathered can be automatically collated into the 1st Touch Data Warehouse for use with a standard query tool or into Excel or Word templates. Documents generated by the system can be stored on the 1st Touch Web Document Portal for viewing or printing.


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