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1st Touch Electrical Installation (NIC/EIC)

As part of managing social housing properties, organisations are required to carry out periodic checks on electrical installations and any electrical works carried out within the property. This typically involves a lot of paperwork and manual certificate completion, which takes time and potentially reduces accuracy of information. The 1st Touch Electrical Installation (NIC/EIC) solution enables the field engineer to capture the right information onsite and produce the necessary certification. The system automates the process delivering efficiency and consistency into this important area.

Functionality within the solution enables collection when checks are carried out for different certification requirements, such as:

  • Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) - This certificate is required whenever any rewiring is carried out, or there is a significant repair to existing installations.
  • The Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) - This is where a survey is carried out to understand the state of electrical installations within the tenant properties.
  • The Minor Works certificate - Required when any minor additions or repairs are carried out. 
  • Smoke/Fire Alarm certificate - Certification for fire detection equipment checks. 

Inspection of Appliance and Property

Via the PDA, the 1st Touch solution guides the electrical engineer from the start of the day right through to the last job of the day. The engineer will log on in the morning and be prompted to do a vehicle check, the results of which are available immediately on the 1st Touch Portal. The engineer then requests their first job of the day. This is the only time during the day that the engineer requests a job as the next job is automatically returned to the engineer’s PDA on the conclusion of each job.

At the start of the job, the engineer is given the job summary on the PDA, giving tenant contact details, the job ticket details and any Property Cautions. The engineer has several helpful tools available within the system. They can:

  • Call the tenant to give them an estimated time of arrival using the telephone button
  • Use help text to receive descriptions for the Property Cautions
  • Receive directions to the property by using the directions button  

When the engineer arrives on site they tick a box on the PDA, so the date and time are automatically captured. They will then be asked whether they can start work. If the answer is no, for example they can’t gain access, they will select the reason from a drop down list. At this point they can take and store a photograph or GPS Fix to prove that they were on site. If the answer is yes, the system will automatically capture the job start date and time, and transmit this back to the 1st Touch system.

The engineer will then be walked through the process for the specific check being carried out at that time, such as the Electrical Inspection, or the Periodic Inspection. During this process a series of questions will establish what certification is required and this will prompt the engineer to complete the relevant form, on the PDA.

Details of the existing electrical circuits and history can be pulled through from existing asset or housing systems, such as the room it is in, the type, installation date etc. 

All the relevant checks are carried via the best practice workflow built into the PDA form including:

  • Estimated age of the installation
  • Circuit details
  • Test results
  • Inspection and installation agreed limitations
  • Observations and limitations

Necessary signatures are then captured on the PDA and 1st Touch returns all of the information and the completed NIC/EIC certificates to the web document portal. 

Authorisation of the Completed Information

The completed NIC/EIC certificates are viewable on the 1st Touch Document Portal. They can be individually viewed by a qualifying manager using a secure log in and either accepted or rejected. The accepted reports are available for batch printing and the rejected reports are recorded for follow up activity to ensue.

Batch Printing or submission of NIC/EIC certificates

The 1st Touch Portal has the facility to group together all of the certificates gathered in a day as a batch and print them together. This makes the sending out of certificates a simple exercise which can be undertaken once or twice a day. Certificates are held on the Portal and are available for reprint at any time.


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