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1st Touch ASB module

The 1st Touch ASB module supports Registered Social Landlords in the fulfillment of their obligations as set out in their Statement of Policy and Procedures on ASB.  Housing Officers or other appropriate field workers are equipped with the necessary tool to quickly deal with an ASB complaint in a time efficient manner, whether on a routine visit or called to deal specifically with an incident. 

Through initial interview with the complainant, the officer can immediately capture the key information necessary to instigate the standard ASB procedure. This includes specifying case type, such as Alcohol Related, Domestic Abuse, Garden Nuisance, Noise Nuisance, Garden Rubbish or Nuisance Vehicles; determining time and location of incident and capturing details of the alleged perpetrator and any witness or known associates. 

The key information is then uploaded to the 1st Touch Server where if required it can be validated via the 1st Touch Web Portal before being transferred to the relevant back-office system, where an official ASB complaint is raised for action by the appropriate person.  This also provides the beginning of the important audit trail required in the event of future judicial proceedings.


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