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Abandoned Vehicles

The 1st Touch application for noting the cases of Abandoned Vehicles allows Estate Management staff and Housing Officers to note the occurrence of an abandoned vehicle and have this reported back to the office with seconds.

The application allows for both a job to be pushed out to the device where a report of an abandoned vehicle has come in and for staff to create a new case if a vehicle is noted during a normal daily routine. An easy to use form is provided on a mobile device for, with drop down and check boxes for ease of data input. Behind the form is a sophisticated workflow which ensures vital steps in the recording and reporting process are not missed and that the data collected is automatically returned to the back office system for processing.

Functionality includes::

  • Receiving notification of an abandoned vehicle
  • Noting the location of the abandoned vehicle
  • Capturing an image of the vehicle
  • Capturing the GPS location of the vehicle
  • Generating a document which can be sent to other agencies such as the police, DVLA etc. And can be used as evidence
  • Automatically updating the back office system and or creating a new case
  • Automatically creating a future diary event to confirm the vehicle has been recovered

As with all 1st Touch applications the Abandoned Vehicles forms and processes can be easily customised to fit with current working procedures.


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