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1st Touch Job Point Tracking

When managing a field based workforce a key requirement is to be able to track operatives during the day.

Traditional tracking solutions are designed for the courier type service where the travel is 90% of the job. However in field service environments typically the job is 90% and travel is 10%, so 1st Touch has developed a tracking portal, Job Point Tracking, which meets  the requirements of a field based workforce more closely.

The Job Point tracking portal collects GPS fixes automatically as part of the job ticket process, such as job start, no access etc.

Individuals and groups can be tracked and the frequency and duration of the tracking function can be setup and configured by the administrators. Also an operative can be “pinged” to ascertain their exact location at any given time. The map view will allow the location, job details and status all to be displayed graphically. 

Importantly, if the operative is in difficulty or distress, they can be easily located and have the additional security of a "panic" button to alert their supervisor that they need immediate help.


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