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1st Touch produces the UK's leading mobile solution application for Social Housing, 1st Touch Mobile. This feature rich specialist solution covers multiple areas for mobile workforce automation, including Property Services, Tenancy Services, Estate Management and Supporting People. The market has been quick to adopt 1st Touch Mobile because of its dedication to the needs of Social Housing providers and has in many cases needed integration to existing systems as a pre-requisite. 

To meet this important requirement 1st Touch has developed a flexible and comprehensive integration tool, 1st Touch Integrator. This solution is based on standard best practice integration software, used extensively in Social Housing and the Public Sector.  

This is a no risk approach with no possibility of infringement of software licence or support and maintenance agreement with the back office vendor.

The 1st Touch Integrator is well proven and ready to use with many back office solutions, including Scheduling, Housing Management, Asset Management, Contractor Management, ERP and CRM systems.

As part of the 1st Touch suite of mobile workforce management solutions, 1st Touch Integrator provides a comprehensive and proven solution which delivers easy to set up and easy to use seamless integration between 1st Touch Mobile and back office solutions. This means that all Social Housing organisations can now enjoy the benefits of the UK leading mobile solution from 1st Touch, regardless of the back office systems in use.
Furthermore, once this has been implemented customers can also use the solution to create multiple integrations and exchange of data across the organisation.  So, for example, data collected around repairs and maintenance of properties could be automatically duplicated in online web applications, CRM solutions, finance systems and a host of other existing applications. All this can be achieved without infringing any copyright or software licence agreements with easy to use drag and drop functionality.
This will save time, ensure accuracy and consistency of data and provide a seamless information stream to management, staff and tenants alike.


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