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Where there is a requirement for mobile workers to be allocated work from a diary system 1st Touch has the facility to integrate with leading scheduling software suppliers or link to a back office solution with this facility. However, 1st Touch also has a choice of two options within the mobile platform itself:

Dynamic auto-scheduling

Managing a dynamic field-based service led workforce is a very complicated process. The challenge is to continue to deliver increasing levels of service whilst also reducing the costs associated with this activity.

With 1st Touch Mobile this can be achieved using Dynamic auto-scheduling which allows organisations to automatically allocate work to the most appropriate member of staff giving the field worker the most efficient working day whilst meeting target service levels.

Manual Diary

For organisations with a small work force or where the workforce is spread over a large geographic area or over a number of possible tasks a manual diary system may be preferred to a dynamic scheduling system. However, allocating work via a visual diary can still be very useful.

1st Touch Mobile provides a user friendly and intuitive manual diary for this purpose, delivering the ability to use a diary based system to view, allocate and manage the workforce without going to the extent of a full auto scheduling system.


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