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1st Touch delivers a range of professional services to ensure the smooth installation, implementation, deployment and support and maintenance of the chosen solutions. These services are delivered by a team of highly qualified 1st Touch consultants and help desk staff who take pride in delivering excellent customer service.

1st Touch has developed a best practice standard delivery which follows best practice and has been proven to deliver fast and effective implementation. The key elements of the 1st Touch Standard Delivery Model are:

Project Management

A 1st Touch Project Manager is assigned to every project and is active on the project from the first customer meeting right through to sign off and post implementation support. Throughout this time they are responsible for every deliverable from 1st Touch. The principles of Prince 2 are followed, with elements used in line with the complexity of the project delivery.

The phases of the project which the project manager is responsible for are:

  • Project Definition, which includes details gathered at the project kickoff
  • Definition and specification of the forms and reports
  • Definition of 1st Touch integration with third party software products
  • Build phase, which includes the mobile forms creation and integration to third party systems
  • 1st Touch software installation and set up
  • Testing phase, incorporating PDA forms testing and system test
  • Training program 
  • Live implementation including post live support

The project manager is also responsible for coordinating any third party products or services required for the success of the 1st Touch implementation, and will be the main contact for the customer during the project.


This is the initial phase of the project where all the requirements are reviewed and analysed so that a project plan and schedule of work can be created.

Kick off

The kick-off meeting establishes the parameters for the ensuing project.  This also provides the customer with an opportunity to restate their objectives for the project directly to everyone involved in the delivery of the project benefits.

Process Definition Workshop

This workshop is run by a 1st Touch Project Manager in order to extract the requirements from the customer. This focuses on understanding the existing process first and then utilising that information in order to design the future process. The output of this meeting is the first draft of the specification which will typically define the forms, the electronic documents and management information that are required by the solution.

Integration Workshop

This workshop is typically run by a 1st Touch consultant and is also attended by consultants from all relevant system vendors. The purpose is to define the touch-points between the 1st Touch product and any other systems with which it will interoperate. The output of this meeting is the functional specification that defines any integration work that needs to be completed. Typical areas for integration will be Housing Management Systems, Scheduling, Contractor Management and Asset Management and integration to other 3rd Party systems can also be delivered.
1st Touch does not need the involvement of the back office vendor because a published and documented web services approach is taken, using proven integration technology and the back office vendors own functionality. This approach has enabled 1st Touch to undertake integrations without recourse to back office vendor skills. 


The configuration phase includes producing all the individual requirements of the customer, as defined in the design phase, utilising the flexibility of 1st Touch technology.

Distribute Specification and receive feedback

Having created the specification from the Kick Off, Process Definition and Integration Workshops, this will be distributed to all interested parties for review and approval.

On receipt of all required changes the specification will be amended and sent back out for final approval. This document will form the basis for all planning and work undertaken, going forward.

Build PDA Forms

Taking information from the specification, the specific forms required will be built, or existing standard forms amended, to meet customer requirements. This work can be carried out by the customer having had training on forms management, or by 1st Touch on behalf of the customer.  In exceptional circumstances 1st Touch may elect to develop features or new forms in order to satisfy one-off requirements which cannot be met using the standard product.  This is rare and at the discretion of 1st Touch as the existing feature set commonly satisfies the requirements ascertained at the Process Definition Workshop.

Build Management and Field Service Reports

1st Touch can design and produce electronic Field Service Reports as required by the customer, for example for completed jobs. Optionally, the customer will be able to create these reports themselves. Using the Data Warehouse module, standard management reports can be set up and new ones created to meet specific customer requirements.


Integration requirements to back end systems, such as Housing Management will be reviewed, documented and scheduled into the overall project process. 1st Touch connectors will be produced and tested thoroughly before deployment.


This process consists of two discreet stages. The first involves successfully completing the system tests associated with any added or changed functionality from the standard product. The second is concerned with completing the suite of regression tests which ensure the existing features of the product are not impaired in the new version.



Training will be delivered by experienced 1st Touch consultants to the customer once the pilot is ready to go live. This involves different types of training for different users of the solution, such as:

  • System Administrator
  • Train The Trainer
  • Operative Training

The program of training will be determined in the design phase of the project, but as standard will include training around how to:

  • Create and amend forms
  • Create and manage reports
  • Utilise the portal
  • Create and deploy updates to the workforce
  • Administer the system

Live Pilot

A live pilot will usually be delivered to ensure the system meets all requirements before rolling out to all users.

Adapt Forms

During the pilot if any changes to the standard forms are required these will be made by the customer prior to full roll out.

Roll Out

Full rollout to all users will be delivered once all training has been completed. 




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