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1st Touch Pre Sales Services

Pre-sales services are free of charge and are used to help you establish exactly what you need, from a mobile solution, with the help and guidance of our account managers and consultants. Using the 1st Touch consultants’ knowledge about the 1st Touch fully fledged enterprise mobile solution, we will work with you to: The 1st Touch account manager will guide you through each stage of the process, bringing in other resources as and when needed.

  • Understand your requirements, referring to industry best practices and feedback from our existing customers
  • Build a business case that you can confidently recommend to your organisation.
  • Present the solution through a personalised demonstration and prepare a detailed  proposal

Understanding your requirements

One of our account managers will visit you for an initial meeting to understand your requirements and to explain the functionality of 1st Touch Mobile and how that maps to your requirements.

With all of our team having in excess of 5 years experience in Mobile Workforce Solutions, they are in a good position to discuss your specific requirements with you. They will investigate with you:

  • What pains we can help you overcome?
  • What your issues are?
  • What your objectives are with mobile?
  • How can we help you achieve them?

1st Touch can talk to you about industry best practices, and what may be best for you, such as whether it makes more sense for you to manage your mobile workforce solutions yourself, or having them delivered as a managed service.

Discovery day

Once we have established the requirements with you we will send along a business analyst to meet with you and your colleagues for further discussion, making sure we fully understand your existing environment and providing you with confirmation on what will be involved to deliver the solution required.  We will establish with you:

  • What your timescales are?
  • What is the scope of the project?
  • Who is going to be involved?
  • What are the existing back end systems and what are the integration requirements?
  • Is the output of the mobile solution deployment integral to your KPI’s?
  • Is the output needed to be viewed by people externally as well as internally via portals?
  • Which areas of the organisation can benefit from mobility and what are the priorities?
  • Do you want to manage the solution yourselves or have a fully managed service?

We will also ask for examples of existing data and forms and workflows, which can then be integrated into the demonstration we prepare for you.

Building the business case

1st Touch will help you to produce a complete return on investment case, by researching some key elements with you such as:

  • How are these activities carried out today?
  • What are the benefits of automation with a mobile workforce solution?
  • What are the specific cost efficiencies?
  • What are the specific areas for improved performance?
  • What are the benefits in customer satisfaction?

We will include a review of best practice in these areas together with case studies of other successful mobile projects within your market, highlighting the quantitative and qualitative benefits achieved.


Based on the information that has been provided during the previous three steps, 1st Touch will provide a clear and concise proposal covering the solution and how it will meet your requirements. This will include software, services and ongoing support and maintenance.

If you require a managed service, we will include details of the 1st Touch managed service delivery model and the additional benefits that this type of approach can deliver.

As a certified Microsoft Financing Partner, should you need finance we will propose a finance solution which best suits your needs. Finance is offered on a non-secured commercial loan basis, with flexible payment terms and optional six month deferment of initial payment. This deferred payment option will give time for the ROI to be delivered prior to you having to pay for the solution.


The solution demonstration will provide you with the opportunity to see how the solutions can match your exact requirements. You will also see how quickly and easily solutions can be delivered from the standard framework and existing applications and see for yourself the flexibility that you will have as a customer going forward. The demonstration will also include an overview of any third party solutions that we may recommend from our partners to form part of the total solution.


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