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Property Services

The Property Services market encompasses organisations who deliver services onsite. These services will largely be delivered by field based workforces and will cater for the requirements of markets, such as:

  • Commercial organisations
  • Private landlords and households
  • Public Sector

The very nature of this business means that control and oversight of the field based worker is vital to the service organisation, both to ensure delivery of service excellence to the customer and to ensure profitability to the organisation itself. Further, the requirement to gain maximum productivity from each worker is imperative in supporting the need for competitive advantage. Multiple trades will be engaged to deliver these services, whether as planned or responsive repair work and each will have differing functional requirements for a mobile solution. These trades include:

  • Glazing
  • Security
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Gas
  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Building Repairs and Maintenance
  • Groundwork and Landscape
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Flood Response
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Drainage
  • Commercial and Domestic Appliances
  • Telecommunications

1st Touch in Property Services

1st Touch solutions help Property Services companies deliver these services more efficiently by managing the flow of jobs allocated and monitoring progress of the work through the day. The intuitive solution guides the worker through their working day, job by job, from the start of the day right through to the completion of the last job of the day. Work flow is fully configurable to enable the mobilisation of existing working practices with minimal disruption.

As each job is started, work executed, materials used and job completed the operative is taken step by step through the whole process. Through easy to use forms resident on the PDA, the operative captures the information on the mobile device using tick boxes, check boxes and selections from dropdown lists. This minimises the requirement for any typing and ensures consistent quality of the data captured.

Throughout the day, once a job is completed the next scheduled job for that worker is made available on their device automatically so the operative’s time is managed efficiently and the back office always knows how the operative is progressing through jobs planned for the day. This optimises the worker's time and results in more jobs being completed per day.

The solutions can be delivered as ready to go applications or via the 1st Touch Mobile Platform, following a best practice approach to workflows, security, user access and management oversight.


1st Touch has comprehensive integration capability and can link to existing back office systems, such as service management, asset management, scheduling and facilities management solutions.

1st Touch provides an optional link to satellite navigation systems and has current integrations with the industry leaders TomTom and Co-Pilot.

Case studies


HomeServe has implemented 1st Touch mobile technology across its entire Plumbing and Drainage operations. The contract follows a successful pilot project with some of HomeServe's plumbers and drainage experts who have been using 1st Touch’s handheld technology.

Delivering affordable, effective repairs on time is crucial to HomeServe’s success, and customer satisfaction with excellent service is at the heart of the company’s values. That means little room for error as Programme Manager Kevin Carter explains: “With some policies sold on a two-hour response promise, we need to have a highly responsive system to support our skilled staff.” 

 Read the full press release 

Morrison Facilities Services

Having completed a successful pilot of an automated scheduling and real-time communications solution with 300 of its repair and maintenance operatives, Morrison Facilities Services is now investing £2 million in a company-wide roll out to just under 1,000 employees. Morrison estimates that is already achieving 12% productivity savings, and expects that to rise to 17% as the system settles in.

There are also significant operational savings. The cost of scanning and printing job tickets in just one area of the business is saving the company £20,000 a year, while more efficient route planning is cutting the fuel used by operatives by up to 25%.

The company is also benefiting from increasing customer satisfaction. Business systems director at Morrison, Ian Bryce, reports that “Where we have deployed this technology we are exceeding our SLA and in some areas hitting aspirational levels.”

Read the full press release


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